Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Baaacckkk.....


I'm back from my three month sabbatical! Once December hit, blogging had to be put on hold. However, creeping on my favorite blogs did not (you can't go cold turkey people!) Even though I took a break on posting, I did not take a break on projects! Remember this?? I found it at Good will and I had a plan....
I wanted this for our cabin in the mountains. We have so many great and funny memories with friends there. I wanted a bulletin board to place some of our favorite photos on. Something that our friends could look at, laugh and reminisce when they came to visit! I bought some burlap fabric at Walmart (gosh this stuff is hot in the decorating world these days!) Stapled it to the board.

I also added some hammered furniture tacks around the perimeter for a more rustic and finished look.

Ta da! Instant fun and instant art for dirt cheap! Our friends LOVE looking at these photos and I had a great time going through them in order to find the perfect ones. Sorry for the poor quality of this pic. Guess I was in a hurry that day!

Thanks for visiting!

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