Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heads up!

OK. So there are just some things in my decorating style lately that even I can't explain. My home has always been 100% traditional with a little European flair. Always. Lately, maybe it's age or just boredom, I have been changing my home to reflect a more eclectic approach. Mr. PP (weird, that doesn't look right), Mr. PAP (no, not good either) guess I can't call my mister something cute to reflect my blog title like others can so....my Mister and I like antiques. Not lots but a few pieces scattered about our home. We were antiquing one day during a long weekend alone together and I came upon this. I had to have it. It was porcelain, even better! My husband wanted to take me straight to the nearest mental hospital but lucky for me, there wasn't any close by. He bought it for me none the less. I was VERY happy because I had a plan. When we got home, I rummaged through my array of spray paints and chose a bright glossy white. I sprayed this little sucker again and again until he was bright, white, glossy and beautiful! I hung him in our office, opposite my new gallery wall (featured in an earlier post). I LOVE him. He's funky, unexpected and I can hang a wreath around his little neck at Christmas.
So where did I get such a crazy idea, you ask?? Williams Sonoma Home. These little porcelain busts are sooooo cool! Clearly though, they must be made of gold since they cost anywhere between $175 and $245! My guy, cost me $5 including paint. Crazy? I think not.

Thanks for visiting!


I love my new shades!

I've been slowly but surely switching out some of my very traditional lamp shades in my home for something a little more....hip, modern, quirky. So one day, when I was making my thrift store rounds I came upon these little bad boys. There were two of them, sweet! My heart went pitter patter and at $2.99 each I was madly in love! They were in perfect condition on top of it and was the exact look I was going for!
Nice, huh? I'm revamping my family room and soon there will be a big reveal but for now, I'm loving my new shades! Thanks for visiting!


Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi! Thank goodness Spring is on it's way. The Spring weather... not so much lately here in the northwest, but I'm hopeful. On this particular day, however, the sun was streaming in so I thought I'd share a few of my deco's I've got going on right now in our home.

I love this little chalkboard. Got it at Goodwill and painted the trim. Simple but fun...

Not too much but enough to feel bright and cheery! Happy Spring!