Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finishing Touches...

As the holidays fast approach, I'm finishing the final touches on my decorating before the kids arrive from college. Below are some slackers basking in the sun while I do all the work.

I used my wonderful old suitcase as a little vignette in my entry way.

I draped my old skates and scarf over it as if someone is on there way to a wonderful country trip in the snow.

This little pillow was also purchased at G-Dub when I bought the suitcase. It was perfect. I love plaid. Especially, at Christmas!

In my formal living room, I used my vintage wine crate, added a beautiful poinsettia and some fresh pine. I love the way it looks from the inside as well as the outside!

Happy decorating!


Friday, December 9, 2011

G-Dub, I love you....

I was recently at G-Dub with a good friend, scoping out every single aisle and item as usual when I came upon my new love. It was beaming in a ray of light, I swear straight from heaven. I walked, no ran into the light.....grabbed it by the handle and hugged it. Yes, I hugged it. I had been searching for over a year now for the perfect one and I had found it. It was a 1940 vintage OSHKOSH suitcase with the famous "chief" stripes! Below, is an original ad I found on the web the describes my little lovely....

oooohhhh the red and gold......

The handle and piping are all leather....

It was even monogrammed in gold by the original owner! The keys and luggage tag still attached and the garment bag and original hangers inside. Be still my heart! I'm going to make a fun display in my entry with it for the holidays and then who knows! The sky is the limit!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Box

Hi everyone!

Every year, for years, I have looked at the beautiful but large wooden advent calendars in the shapes of houses, sleighs, snowmen, etc. While I love them they are far too large to store. Mr. Santa says I have reached maximum capacity on my Christmas decorations. I have searched thousands of blogs and pintrest in hopes of finding one that I liked to make. I always end up getting the cheap, cardboard, less then delectable chocolate filled ones. He has always loved these and has never complained. However, since my son is twelve and this will be the last year I do this for him, I'm determined to make it a great one.

Here's my idea. It's still ridiculously cheap but more fun for mom...and boy, I hope.

I got this cute little snowman box....

Slapped a sticky note on it and wrote the number of days left till Christmas which I will do every day until then...

I put in a yummy chocolate cupcake for him. Then I stood back and said, "there" with complete satisfaction.

Each day I plan to put something small, different and holiday related in the box. Who knows? I may get ultra creative and turn it into a small hide and seek game with a clue each day.

I can use the little box next year for a gift or to deliver some yummy cookies in.

How's that for one last year of advent goodness?


Fa la la la la.....


Just a sneak Christmas tour of our home this year...

This sits on top of our wine cabinet...I love it. I tried to get creative with my vintage wooden cheese mold.

Admittedly, I've never been a fan of non-traditional Christmas colors. However, I have recently redecorated our family room and the new area rug has a bit of blue in it. So, I decided to try adding a little something different this year. I put this together for my kitchen window.

Here is my breakfast table centerpiece. I have a vintage industrial loaf pan that my Mr. Santa got for me (I begged just a little because I had a vision). I added pine, candles and a little bling and it looks wonderful in the evening with the candles!

This was my latest project. I bought this big wooden tray at a garage sale for $1.00. I spray painted it in oil rubbed bronze, dry brushed it in gold (that is hard to detect in the picture but looks amazing) and had the mirror custom cut to fit. EVERYTHING looks fabulous on it. I added the wonderful votives and some more bling and Wa la! Beautiful for my coffee table for the holidays!

I have a few more good ideas coming soon! Happy decorating!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Fall Lull....


Thankful for my safe and warm home....

My new fall window arrangement that I threw together. I kinda like it. It's cozy.

The sun streaming in.....

I love this time of year. Like so many other women, I feel it's all about peacefulness, family and home.....before the rip your hair out, so busy you can't see straight, insanity of the holidays kicks in, that is!!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Baaaaackkkk......

Hello everyone!

Well, it appears that it's been almost a YEAR since I posted something new. I really have no excuse why it's been that long, except that I've been enjoying family, friends, vacations and being home. Anyhoo, I haven't been a Sponge Bob lazy pants this whole time. I have been semi-productive during my blog sabbatical which leads me to my latest project. I have been begging my hubby to re-do my laundry room since uh...FOREVER but in his defense he does travel A LOT. When my washer finally gave out (silent screams of joy from within) I saw this as my opportunity to suggest that we might as well spruce up the ol' room while we wait for the new appliances to arrive. He went for it and so I immediately jumped in the car and drove wildly (but animals were hurt at the time) to Lowes to begin picking out flooring, paint, lighting, etc.

Much to my dismay, I had taken a picture of the old room so that you could fully appreciate the hideousness of it all but alas, my hubby deleted it before I could download it. Picture in your mind, if you will...cracked, stained linoleum, orange walls, poor lighting, mismatched appliances.

Now, behold! (Angels singing from the heavens) My new bright, light clean, wonderful laundry room.....

What??! Wait!!! Stop the singing angels! There is one thing that CLEARLY needs to be addressed before the celebration can go on. Do you see it? Yes, there it is that ugly canvas laundry sorter. So, being the impatient Scorpio that I am, I raced out to Walmart (yes, I am a brave girly) grabbed some fabric and some of that Stitch Witchery stuff everyone is talking about.

In ten minutes, I had a wonderful solution that is cheery and completes my vision. Commence singing angels.....

I love my laundery room......... I'd sleep in there if there was room.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heads up!

OK. So there are just some things in my decorating style lately that even I can't explain. My home has always been 100% traditional with a little European flair. Always. Lately, maybe it's age or just boredom, I have been changing my home to reflect a more eclectic approach. Mr. PP (weird, that doesn't look right), Mr. PAP (no, not good either) guess I can't call my mister something cute to reflect my blog title like others can Mister and I like antiques. Not lots but a few pieces scattered about our home. We were antiquing one day during a long weekend alone together and I came upon this. I had to have it. It was porcelain, even better! My husband wanted to take me straight to the nearest mental hospital but lucky for me, there wasn't any close by. He bought it for me none the less. I was VERY happy because I had a plan. When we got home, I rummaged through my array of spray paints and chose a bright glossy white. I sprayed this little sucker again and again until he was bright, white, glossy and beautiful! I hung him in our office, opposite my new gallery wall (featured in an earlier post). I LOVE him. He's funky, unexpected and I can hang a wreath around his little neck at Christmas.
So where did I get such a crazy idea, you ask?? Williams Sonoma Home. These little porcelain busts are sooooo cool! Clearly though, they must be made of gold since they cost anywhere between $175 and $245! My guy, cost me $5 including paint. Crazy? I think not.

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