Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Box

Hi everyone!

Every year, for years, I have looked at the beautiful but large wooden advent calendars in the shapes of houses, sleighs, snowmen, etc. While I love them they are far too large to store. Mr. Santa says I have reached maximum capacity on my Christmas decorations. I have searched thousands of blogs and pintrest in hopes of finding one that I liked to make. I always end up getting the cheap, cardboard, less then delectable chocolate filled ones. He has always loved these and has never complained. However, since my son is twelve and this will be the last year I do this for him, I'm determined to make it a great one.

Here's my idea. It's still ridiculously cheap but more fun for mom...and boy, I hope.

I got this cute little snowman box....

Slapped a sticky note on it and wrote the number of days left till Christmas which I will do every day until then...

I put in a yummy chocolate cupcake for him. Then I stood back and said, "there" with complete satisfaction.

Each day I plan to put something small, different and holiday related in the box. Who knows? I may get ultra creative and turn it into a small hide and seek game with a clue each day.

I can use the little box next year for a gift or to deliver some yummy cookies in.

How's that for one last year of advent goodness?


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