Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are everywhere! Pottery Barn catalogs, Ballard Design and many blogger's homes. It took me awhile to get the look I was going for but I think I finally have it. We had this old, kinda tacky door knocker with our name on it at our old home in Seattle. I've had it for years with no idea why I was keeping it. I decided to frame it today and add it to the "wall". I like it!

I found an initial "K" and framed it too. Yes, I know... another copycat idea. You can't be original all of the time!
I also added my Dad's old tennis racket when he was a teenager. Not too shabby!

This is in our office. It's been a work in process so I'll show you the end result soon! I promise!
Thanks for stopping by!

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