Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pillow Knock Offs - It's the thing to do this year...

First, I bought some painter's cloth, used a fabric acrylic paint and painted my number on the canvas....
I sewed up the sides and covered some very OLD and UGLY pillows that I had inherited somewhere...

There, nice and neutral!

Just like everyone else, I love all things Pottery Barn. I love to go in and see what they have and try to figure out a way to recreate it at a much better price. I admit, there are some things that I just have to buy there and I'm perfectly O.K. with that too!

I loved these numbered pillows that they had there. Not sure why, but they are different and neutral so, I covered some old UGLY pillows with my new 1,2,3, covers. I'm pretty happy with the results! Plus, when I'm tired of them, I can switch them out at almost no cost! Perfect!


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