Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Candy Corn Banner

Several years ago when my children were much smaller, we made a candy corn banner for our front porch. I have loved it ever since! It's colorful, fun and easy!

Your list:

black ribbon or twine
hole punch
felt in white, yellow and orange
hot glue gun

First you need to make a template. I used the front of a drawing tablet (thin cardboard). I just drew the shape of a piece of candy corn on it and cut it out.

I then cut 5 pieces of white felt the exact shape and size of my template.

I cut 5 pieces of the orange to be the "center" of your candy corn. I hot glued the orange pieces on to the white ones. You can see the layer sizes through the back here.

Next came the yellow pieces. I cut them to fit the tops of my corn and hot glued them on top of the orange ones.

I hole punched the top corners of each piece of corn and tied the black ribbon on to connect them together.

And Wa La! A cute, CHEAP and fun banner to greet your tricker treaters!


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